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Hi Steve

Well, I waited a whole yr, but I am ready now!  I didn’t have the proper vehicle, still don’t actually, I have a very small sports car, so that still poses a big problem. I already market for another business, going door to door, I should have already been advertising for windows all along. I hit about 1500 single family houses a week , so I figure that is a good place to start.

I was wondering if there was a way to get copies of the flyers so I can take them in for mass production? Never mind…I was able to  find the flyers u sent me. My question is this…I notice on your master copy there is no mention of price, I am assuming you believe this is the best way to go?  I have read a few others saying this was not the way to go.  I hope you don’t take my question as critical .

I’m just starting out and want to get the best possible response from my 1000 flyers, which flyer do you think would be best to start with?



My Response:

Hi Mike,

Good morning.  And it’s good to hear that you’re ready to roll.

And that’s a great way to start as far as hitting 1500 homes a week.  Make sure though that these homes are in your target market.  I’m not sure what other business you’re doing, but if the markets aren’t the same, then you could run into some issues with not getting the proper amt of response from your window cleaning marketing to those 1500 homes.

As far as flyers, have you downloaded the flyers yet from the “materials” webpage?  You can visit http://www.yourwindowcleaningbiz.com/materials.htm and download some flyers for editing.  You were previously emailed the username/password. If you get the flyers printed up in bulk like maybe 1000 at a time, it shouldn’t cost you more than 4 to 5 cents each.

Oh…I see your second email where you found the flyers already.  Cool.  :o )

Right, my philosophy in my business is that I didn’t want to make it about price. You need to be careful that you don’t turn your business into just another “commodity” where it’s just about pricing and which window cleaner has the best deal.  That’s why my pricing wasn’t announced in my flyer.

But in addition to that, all homes are different.  I’ve seen big homes with few windows, small homes with many windows, and all kinds of variations in between.  So I don’t see how anyone can put some kind of general pricing in a flyer like “10 windows for $99″ for example.

So what I did was treat each home individually on its own.  My goal with the flyer was to generate the interest and get a phone call.  That was it.  The rest was up to me as far as closing the deal based on my presentation.  It was a strong presentation where I talked about how I cleaned their glass and I also provided them with lots of referrals w/phone numbers.  So this put my business on a different level than another window cleaner who only wanted to focus on price.  My focus was on quality and making them comfortable with my company since we were going to be inside their home.

I don’t take it as being critical, so no worries.  Other window cleaners may have different business models than mine.  What I mean is that other window cleaners do want to make their business about price because that is the only thing they know to do. So therefore they want to announce to the world their pricing and make that the focal point of their business.

There’s a well known window cleaning franchise who I’m sure you’ve heard of where their entire business model is based around being the cheapest window cleaner out there.  Personally I’d rather have 1000 customers paying me $200 per job vs 2000 customers paying me $100 per job.  The revenue is the same, but the work, stress, effort, and expenses to service 2000 customers is greater, so who really is the winner?  Anyway…different strokes for different folks.

But I don’t claim to have all the answers, so there are some other viewpoints that you may want to take into consideration.  And some things you may just want to test.  Everything within my manual and the marketing materials provided to you have been tested and proven to work out in the field by myself and hundreds of others. But you may run into an idea or two or three that you might want to test yourself to see if it works in your area.

As far as which flyer would work best, I”ve used them all.  So they all work equally as well.  I wouldn’t use the half page flyer though unless you really are financially strapped.  The full page flyer provides you more room to tell your story which makes it more effective.  The half page flyers were created for folks who want to save a few bucks.  But again, the response won’t be as great either when using a 1/2 page flyer.

I wish you the best and remember that I’m here for additional assistance at 256-546-2446.  Take care for now.