Cold Weather Window Cleaning…

An email received recently:

Hi Steve,

First, thank you for the wealth of information and guidance you provide with your program.  You are a credit the industry.

To the point:  while your program gives very pointed instructions for how to secure jobs and perform them with a high degree of professionalism, you don’t cover much in the way of cold weather cleaning.  Obviously I can’t clean windows below 0 degrees, so what do recommend in climates where subzero temperatures can run in 45 to 60 day stretches?  What do some of your way-up-north system owners do with the freezing calender days?

Thanks for your time and your wonderful system.


My Response:

Hi Joe:

How are you doing?  It’s good to hear from you and thanks much for your comments.

You bring up a good point. I’ll include cold weather talk in my next manual update.  So thanks for mentioning it.

Actually though, you can do cold weather cleaning.  All that is required is some extra solution in your bucket.  In normal weather situations, you have water and glisten in there, right?  When the weather is below 32 degrees though, include a little bit of the blue solution that is designed for your window washing reservoir under the hood of your car to clean your car windows.  It’s great stuff.  You don’t need much added to your water and glisten…maybe a 1/4 of cup.  And it should keep your water good to go (prevent it from freezing) throughout the job.

Then you can go ahead and pick up a pair of gloves to provide warmth for your hands.  You can find gloves on page 32 in ABC’s catalog. 

Although down in florida, we generally didn’t have the below 0 days, it still did get cold some mornings in dec/jan.  So I used gloves myself on those occasions.  As far as the blue window washing fluid, I didn’t need to use that, but this is what window cleaners up north in colder climates use. 

And it won’t affect the quality of your job at all.  The glisten will still do it’s job and make the windows sparkle.

Hope this helps and thanks again for your comments. Have a profitable week.



Note to other window cleaners: Although the word from northern window cleaners is that the vast majority of them will use the "blue solution" talked about above, if you use a different solution, please let me know.