A Follow up script that works!

Hey everyone:

Yesterday i received a call from a window cleaner who was looking for the right words to use when calling back customers to schedule follow up visits. We talked for awhile and I told him I’d email him my script, but first I just wanted to emphasize how very, very, very important is to not let your customers off the hook once you’ve done work for them. The easiest thing for us to do is to not follow up. Because it is out of our comfort zone. It’s simply not natural to make calls to people we don’t know that well. 

I remember back when I was selling insurance. Even though that business depends heavily on follow up and making the phone calls, you never really get used to it. Every night once dinner was over and the dishes were done, it was time to head into the office and call people.  Yuck.  The funny thing though is that as soon as a few calls were made, I’d get into a groove.  And it became easier and easier. 

Of course then it would start all over again the next night, but again, after the first few calls, it became easier and easier. So what does all this have to do with window cleaning? Well…I just want to encourage anyone out there in window cleaning land who is having a hard time picking up that phone, to just make that first call. Just one. And then make the 2nd call. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself whizzing through calls.

In window cleaning, I set aside 1 1/2 to 2 hours each night to make follow up calls.  Now some of these calls were to prospects who called me that day. I always wanted to make my calls at night when I had my schedule in front of me and could plan accordingly. So I spent very little time on the phone during the day. It was all done in the evening. 

Anyway…there is just a ton of profit sitting in our current customer base, so without sounding too much like a broken record, it’s soooooooooo important to make those calls. Ok…here’s the email I sent to a window cleaner yesterday with my script and some additional notes:

"Hi Tyler:

Here’s that script I was talking about earlier to you on the phone:

Hi Mrs Jones…Steve Wright here with Clearview Window Washing Service.  Just wanted to give you a quick courtesy call….

According to my records, I cleaned your windows on August 1st last year…We’re setting up our window cleaning schedule for next week and we’d love to come in and get your windows all sparkly clean again.  So can we put you on the schedule for next tuesday morning or would next thursday afternoon be better? 

And that’s basically it.  Real simple.  I loved to offer choices though.  It’s best to not force anyone into a yes or no answer.  Choices are better. 

And this might sound kind of corny, but before I made my calls, I pulled out a hand held mirror and practiced smiling, voice inflections, and my pitch for about 10 minutes.  It’s just a warm up.  But folks can hear your smile and relaxed tone on the phone so it’s good to loosen up.  It really worked.  So practice visually before you make the first call and go through some script practice runs out loud.    

And use some variations to the above pitch on occasion.  Just to keep it loose and not canned. I mean it’s not good to sound like a robot.  And if you say the exact same thing for 2 hours, you will sound like a robot.  So change it up.  The key though is to say it with confidence.  Don’t sound like a telemarketer.  After all you’re not one because these are people who have used your services before and have paid you money.  You’ll find that most people will appreciate the "courtesy call"

Take care for now.  Talk soon.



Notes: That’s pretty much it. Now to emphasize, this mirror thing I talked about in my email sounds a bit weird. But it helped me put myself in my customer’s shoes and visualize who they were talking to. Yeah…yeah…sounds all new age, right? Give it a whirl though.  It’s a warmup exercise that’ll allow you to hit the phone running and be a smooth window cleaner. If you’re not smooth, you could be like this dude:

Oh…one last thing I talked about with tyler on the phone was hiring someone to make his follow up calls for him.  I personally preferred to do the follow up for my company, but some of you might prefer to hire a good, practiced, voice to make your follow up.  It doesn’t have to be every night.  Maybe for 2 nights every other week you can have him/her make phone calls to all your customers. If you’re a member of The Customer Factor, then simply click one search button and all your customers who are due to be scheduled again will pull up on one screen.  Print it out and give it to ‘em.  All of the contact info and past job details are there for her to reference. 

So whether you make the calls or someone else makes the calls, please make sure you do it. Your family will thank you for it…and so will your bank account.  

Best Wishes,